In June of 1995, Marius Odendaal, (the founder of ASIP-SA) was consulting with a number of his construction friends. They had not been paid their outstanding claims on a particular contract.

On investigation Marius found that the main contract had been cancelled. The employer refused to pay any more money on the project. The contract was suspended.
The contractor and subcontractors lost money. One of them lost his business.

As a direct result of this he formed ASIP–SA (then called DMR Information Services) to assist contractors and subcontractors in boosting their contract knowledge and skill and to ensure future quality, on-time completion.

Today, ASIP–SA provides a wide range of services ranging from Tender and Contract overview to on-site evaluation and recommendations. In short, providing the necessary ACTIONABLE* processes, advice and skills that lead to smooth contract completion and unconstrained payments. (*Definition (ACTIONABLE “able to be done or acted upon. Having practical value”)

Our success is anchored in the, very successful, ASIP-SA CONTRACT COMPLETION REMINDER service.

Attending the ASIP–SA Masterclass Workshops and using the CONTRACT COMPLETION REMINDER is the start to re-vitalising your business and taking necessary steps to running a profitable business.