Construction Workshops Topics for 2018

Your half day (6Hrs) commitment to skill improvement.

Subcontractor – Develop your Skill

The contract Agreement:

  • Duties
  • Rights
  • Obligations
  • Application on Site

The Works Program – Time Bound:

  • Your part in the works Program
  • Collaborate for success
  • Your alternatives if you cannot start or finish
  • Know the and use the Completion Cycle

Building a High-Performance Team – Secure your future:

  • SMART Objectives for Team Building
  • Single vs Repetitive Duties
  • Communication and Training
  • Assessments and Reviews
  • Develop your Benchmarks

Drawing and Using your own Project Plan – A core of Success (Requires a Laptop):

  • Listing Tasks
  • Predecessors and Successors
  • Sequencing
  • Baseline and Critical Path
  • Driving the Project Plan

Project Manager – Beneficiate your Position

Managing the Subcontract – Contract Interface:

  • Dichotomy at the Interface
  • Different Management styles and Goals
  • Different SMART Objectives
  • Who Needs who?
  • Knowing and Using the Joint Objectives

Project Management – Leadership Power:

  • Types of Leadership Power
  • Using your power to Influence
  • Loyalty to you and to the Contract
  • Retaining your Power after Completion

For Information, to attend or organize an Workshop: – Call: Marius Odendaal 079 954 9035