Secret to Profitable Contract Completion

The secret to success in any contract lies within the collaboration, motivation and empowerment of the subcontractors to deliver Quality Completion On-Time and On- Budget.

The one common factor in every contract is the completion Date

Meeting every completion date is an imperative to success

The ASIP-SA objective is to unite disparate subcontractors into a cohesive unit with the single objective of achieving mutual, profitable Contract Completion. We actively use completion dates as the motivational cornerstone in achieving these contract objectives

This Profitable collaboration is seated in the works program coupled with our comprehensive Contract Completion Reminder and Support Service.

Benefits of Using the ASIP-SA Contract Completion Reminder Service

  • Late completion penalties may become a thing of the past,
  • You no longer chase after your subcontractors. They come to you. You receive early warnings of potential problems and can take swift corrective action and find timeous solutions. You will soon find out who CAN do their job and who IS doing their job.
  • Keeping track of claims, variances and scope changes will be easier
  • Every subcontractor on site can get a reminder for all other important events. They do respond on Completions, Reports Due, Inspections etc. and give notice of potential problems. ASIP-SA can assist them through training, team building, workshops and management development.
  • You wake every morning knowing that your subcontractors are focused on your completions

See the examples below for CCR in Action or

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Example Reminder & Response

Action Advice To The Subcontractor

Hi Douglas,

The number of delays on this contract is escalating and will impact on the contractor’s cashflow and will bounce back on you toward year-end.

A number of these units have been pre-sold and AXE may attract late-completion penalties which will affect your payments as well.

To help fix this: –

  1. You need to take FULL Responsibility for your start and complete dates. Be Proactive. Don’t leave it all to the Contracts Manager.
  2. Telephone for a meeting with him at AXE.
  3. Do a revised Works Program to show how him you can catch up on a late start.
  4. Meet and confer with the plaster subcontractor to accelerate his completions. He is an extended member of your own team. Help and advise if you can.
  5. Put everything in writing.
  6. Call us if you are unsure of the contractual implications or if you need help with this.