The profitable completion of every subcontract depends on the quality and prompt completion of the contract

ASIP-SA can help you develop your skills and knowledge to be very profitable

We give you back-up from appointment to Final Payment

Our services focus on two areas: Communication Management & Contract Completion Management. The cornerstone of these is the Completion Reminder Service.

(NOTE: If you currently have a completion problem – Call us now!)


  • Your contract is the anchor of all your negotiations, changes, payments and profits. We will review and advise you on your rights and duties as well as point out any unfair or unfavorable conditions.
  • You are 100% responsible for the completion of your works. We can advise and guide you through any hindrances to successful completion
  • You get paid for your contribution, collaboration, quality and completion of the whole works
  • Simply, “Completion on time” equals “Payment on time”

In addition, we continually help you to: –

  • Negotiate for Fairness and Profitability.
  • Effectively process and negotiate Special Conditions of Contract.
  • Utilize Contractual communication for Project Completion.
  • Build support groups with your Predecessors and Successors.
  • Continually keep your Focus on Completion and Payment.
  • Deal with claims, counter claims, recovery statements and procedures.
  • Be fanatical about housekeeping and documentation
  • Sleep at night because you will complete on time.

Our fees are individually negotiated per company based on: –

  • Your needs
  • Number of contracts per month/per year
  • Average Length of contract period
  • Historical and current contractual issues outstanding
  • Depth of assistance and training required
Contact Marius Odendaal for more information

Cell:- 079 954 9035